What happened to lucy thai

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Archived in Interviews. Interview: Nautica Thorn. But it lists a bunch of movies you have been in. There is a picture of you with five dicks in your face. What movie was this from? About how many movies have you done?

Pretty much. No double anal yet. I am Cambodian and Thai. I know a little Cambodian but no Thai so to the fans who come up and speak Thai to me, sorry. She is her own person. She would have done it anyway. Do the guys compare you? Me of course. I am into my scenes and I know how to perform. She is more into making love and having a calm scene. I do see a huge ring on your finger.

He said he wants to do a scene with me, but not with anyone else. Not at all. We talked about it. After the wedding will you stop performing?

What happened to lucy thai

I love working with good performers who know what they are doing. I like working with Talon, John Strong and Michael Stefano because they all know what they are doing. Neither of us are that into girls off camera. Not a whole lot right now. I am working on the site right now. It will grow really soon. In the white tank top, I remember. That sounds great, but right now I want to concentrate on what I can do in front of the camera. And they are natural. Hey Roger, what is Luci Dev doing now? Does she plan on escorting again? I hope so. Did she make out all right with the DUI or is that still pending?

I think Luci is the most gorgeous woman on planet earth. The one scene that I know of, when she finds her neighbor sleeping on her couch, gives you a sense of just how sexy the right scene with dialogue would be for Luci. Her voice is beyond sexy and spectacular and having her be in a scene where she is seduced or doing the seducing would be sensational and a huge seller. I only wish I could have the opportunity to direct her in a series of scenes that I already have worked out. Enough scenes to create an entire DVD which would be such a huge seller.

I know of so many many guys that are obsessed with Luci even to this day. Any response you have for her fans would be appreciated Rog. Thanks in advance. I hope she stops makeing moveis and focuses on her life shes a beautiful woman who has much more talent than to be sulting around. The whole porno bissness is degradeing to woman all over the world and im a man. In fact im 19 years old. She does come across as kind of stuck up and even a little brooding. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

Icons by Wefunction. Deed by. Interview: Lucy Thai. Posted on January 1st, Archived in Interviews Leave a comment. Post Interview: Nautica Thorn. Good to see you what happened to lucy thai Roger. This is our second interview and you are looking great as always. Thank you. You have been working very hard for the last year. Very hard. Have the fan reaction been any different this year? It has been the same.

Everybody loves you. Of course they do. That was a mini gang bang and it looks like my Gangbang Auditions scene. That is a whole lot of happy dick and one smiling Luci. How was that scene? Do you like them? They are OK. I prefer one on one scenes.

That explains why you have made so many Anabolic movies. Yeah, because they are so romantic. In how long? In about a year and a half. You have been a busy girl. Very busy. And you do pretty much anything right? Not ever?

What happened to lucy thai

I can barely take one, why try two? What about a standard DP? One in each hole works for you? I love it. You have to save something for your wedding night. Right, double anal has to be saved. Yes it will. Do you speak both languages? Clear this up for us. Is Lily Thai related to you? No she is not. I have a sister in the business.

What happened to lucy thai

Her name is Nyla Thai Is she older or younger than you? She is one year younger. I am twenty, she is nineteen. Did she follow you into the business? Did you try to stop her? Have you done any movies together? A couple.

What happened to lucy thai

Were you in the same scene together? Is that something that has only happened on camera? Oh yeah, we barely even hug off camera. No, never. Had you ever had sex with the same guy at different times? But now you have. In the business yes. All the time. Who do they say is better? Are you better though? Of course. She knows it. Ask her. What makes you better than her? I love to make love in my personal life, but I know how to go wild on camera.

What happened to lucy thai

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