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So, you finally realized that you can't stand to part ways with your games, guides, and various gaming memorabilia. Don't worry, you're not a hoarder, you're a collector! Unless you can't sleep because your bed is covered in stacks of Electronic Gaming Monthly The world of video game collecting is extraordinarily vast and ever-expanding. Tens of thousands of collectible gaming-related products are released every year, while a good of those from years past have grown in value.

It can certainly be overwhelming, especially at the beginning. That's where I come in! I've been collecting video games and memorabilia for most of my life, and I'm here to pass my knowledge on to you. Stating that you'd like to start collecting video games is like stating that you'd like to start collecting cars. You probably have a preference as to the type of games, series, consoles or memorabilia you'd like to focus your efforts on.

Trying to collect anything and everything gaming related can be a regrettable and expensive task, though it can be done. Don't feel like you can't dabble in different corners of the gaming spectrum, but you're going to find it's best to laser in on one or two overarching themes.

I personally try to focus my efforts on Nintendo-related games and items, with a sub-focus on everything Donkey Kong, Zelda and Kirby. I grew up with Nintendo and fell in love with their iconic characters over the years.

Pick a series you really enjoy or a system that gave you a sense of wonder as ; you'll likely be surprised as to the of collectables involved. The staggering collection seen above is that of dedicated collector Aaron Norton also known as NintendoTwizer. The internet is, unsurprisingly, your best friend in this regard. It can help you create a checklist of every game or piece that you need or already have in your growing collection. Make notes about the average prices and keep pictures of the titles you really want on hand so you can have them for quick reference while you hunt.

The information you r game collecting on the web can be an invaluable asset in times of doubt. For memorabilia you'll need to do some snooping on sites like eBay. Keep in mind that many games fluctuate in value over time, so always try to stay up to date. Be wary of folks trying to sell you replicas they claim are the real deal. If you're unsure, then don't buy. This was because the player's guide was packed in with the game.

You may see people try to sell a normal-sized EarthBound box, but they're always fakes. Knowing facts like these will save you from online jerks and the misinformed. Not everyone who wants to collect has piles and piles of disposable income. Be reasonable about how much you can spend in a given month or year when it comes to game collecting. That mint condition copy of Chrono Trigger isn't gonna keep you warm at night when you get evicted for not paying rent.

That being said, don't be afraid to jump on a big ticket item if 1 you can afford it right then and there without any serious repercussions, and 2 you're willing to cut back on your gaming related purchases for a while. Back ina month before I got married, I bought a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet on a whim. And we're still married! The system works. Depending on r game collecting particular you are about quality there are a few specific aspects you need to look into before jumping on that "holy grail" game.

Is the label falling off? Does it have someone's last name etched across the top in permanent marker? If it's a disc, is r game collecting scratched to hell? Always always always inspect a used game or item before laying down any cash. If you're buying online you can usually request extra info or pictures from the seller if you are unsure of the quality.

Does it work?

R game collecting

If the seller isn't sure then you may be able to haggle them down to a lower price. If you're still a bit skeptical, ask if they can pop it in its system of origin assuming they have one and test it out. Though this kind of falls under "Condition," depending on the game, you should always take into any extras that come with it.

Does it have its original box? Does it have its original manual? Has it remained unopened? When dealing with these kind of details online look for the terms "Complete in Box" CiB and "New in Box" NiB and be sure to reference all pictures involved. If you're only looking for a working copy of the game, because you care less about outward appearance and more about the gameplay itself, then you should only focus on the functionality of the title. Most collectors will shoot for a near mint copy of whatever they are currently pursuing, but keep in mind that the nicer r game collecting looks and the more it comes with the more it's going to cost you.

Let me just start with a disclaimer that the "Where to look" sections are all about where to find older titles that are out of production. Want a used copy of Bioshock for the PS3? Snag one on Amazon for cheap or head to GameStop to grab a used copy.

It's usually not too hard to track down games for current and newly last-gen consoles unless we're talking about special editions. Just check your local brick and mortar electronics stores and chains, as well as the popular online shops. You would be surprised by the of old games that co-workers, neighbors, and family members have cluttering up their attic or extra room. Back in high school I went around asking anyone and everyone if they had old titles I could take off their hands and the amount of free and quality games I acquired was staggering.

It's just r game collecting they always say—you never know until you try. Going "garage sale'n" can be one of the most effective forms of game collecting, but it can also be a huge waste of time, energy and gas.

R game collecting

Look in your local paper or on your local paper's website for listings nearby that include multi-family sales with any mention of games or even electronics. My favorite way to find garage sale locations worth the effort is to go onto Craigslist and search under the "garage sale" section for all things gaming.

Not to bash Craigslist, but the people on there aren't always the most informed, so try a few misspellings and very general phrases like "video games," "games" and "Nintendo. What you're buying is dirt cheap because the person really doesn't care r game collecting it and has no idea what it's worth. What you're buying is ridiculously overpriced because the person doesn't really want to sell it, thinks it's worth what they bought it for, or actually knows it's worth something and wants to make some serious green.

If option 1 should arise, take it as a blessing and grab as much as possible. If your find is really under-priced and you actually feel sorry for the person making such a mistake, you can always throw in a few extra bucks.

Don't feel bad grabbing a few games or pieces of gaming history that you don't want yourself if you feel like flipping them. But more on that later. If option 2 should arise, you just have to pick your battles.

R game collecting

If it's a game or item that's on the top of your list, you can attempt to talk them down. Be kind and receptive to their prices and reasoning. The friendlier you are the lower the price usually gets. Sometimes walking away and coming back is the best idea, as it gives them time to come to terms with what they could be getting out of this deal.

The thing about garage sales is that you honestly never know what you're going to find and what it's going to cost. But that's the fun part! Don't be afraid to ask the average garage sale seller if they have any old systems or games in their house they're willing to part with. The worst thing they can say is "No. Chance are you're closer to a thrift store than you know. Unfortunately, most thrift stores with the exception of GoodWill don't usually promote themselves online or r game collecting have dedicated websites.

This means you need to keep an eye out for your local locations. Thrift stores, much like garage sales, are going to be some of the most hit-and-miss real-world excavation sites. The good thing about thrift stores is that they usually don't have any idea what games are worth, so they're lumped together in a single price range.

Just remember that you may have to dig around a bit before you find any gold, as thrift stores are notorious for being a complete disarray of anything and everything. Long gone are the days when mainstream stores like GameStop and Best Buy carried cartridge-based systems. Luckily, used media including games, music, and movies is a market that has been expanding over the last decade.

R game collecting

Depending on how large your town is, chances are there is a dedicated used media store nearby. Most of the time stores like these are privately owned, which can give them some great personal flair and a wide assortment of old-school and foreign games. Like thrift stores, not many used media locations will have very detailed websites or much in the way of advertisement, so you'll have to be vigilant and seek them out. Many times, stores like these will advertise on Craigslist since it's freeso browsing your local "for sale" section may be a worthy endeavor.

This one probably goes without saying. Once you type in your desired item, it will only take a few seconds before you're wading through an overwhelming sea of auctions. Be sure to check the description and all pictures involved, as there are some tricky sellers out there who would love to scam you out of few bucks.

Double check the pictures with those found elsewhere online to make sure everything matches up. Shipping costs can also be an easily forgotten expense, especially for larger r game collecting and those coming from out of the country.

Be sure you've calculated the total cost for the item before making your bid or deciding to buy. The longest river in the world, the Amazon is home to If you're unfamiliar with Amazon. The online retail giant has become much more seller friendly in the past few years, meaning that many more pieces of gaming history have found their way into the limelight.

Many think of Amazon as only stocking newly-released games, but they're actually a treasure trove of classic titles.

R game collecting

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