Lesbian dating sim app

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in. Hidden fields. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Your Lesbian College Experience Game For Girls is a visual novel for girls who want to go to college, where there are a lot of single girls interested in them.

Lesbian dating sim app

Since this application can be conditionally attributed to a lesbian dating simulator for girls, the very process of learning in a virtual college is minimized. The heart of this romance game is dialogue, colorful pictures, vivid characters, unexpected plot twists and the ability to influence the story. You are a lesbian and you want to find your love. But you perfectly understand that you need to learn.

Lesbian dating sim app

So you put the education process above your personal life. But you are so interesting, beautiful, intelligent, funny and cheerful that almost all girls want to communicate with lesbian dating sim app. This does not mean that every student will suggest you date after a few phrases. You yourself will decide when and with whom you will enter into a relationship. So if you want to date multiple girls at once, it won't make you a bad person. Flirting, affair, romance or true love?

It depends on you. This visual novel is a continuation of a love story about a girl who realized her sexual orientation in high school and ended up in an educational institution in which there were many like-minded people.

Therefore, if you want to better understand the motivation for her actions, then you can get acquainted with our other visual novel in the genre of LGBT games for girls Lesbian High School Story. Each of them wants to become your virtual girlfriend. And you are the one who chooses the storyline that will lead you to a relationship with one of them. Alexis is a Canadian girl who hates her stepmother.

Alexis deliberately misbehaves in college to get her father's attention. You fell victim to her antics on your first day of college. But then she asked your forgiveness. Do you want Alexis to be your virtual girlfriend? Emma is a German woman who works as a psychologist at your college. Her broad smile and deliberate politeness annoy all the students.

No one believes that she sincerely wants to help. However, Emma is the only person with whom you can talk about your problems in college and the past. The problem is that sometimes you feel like Emma has an interest in you that goes beyond her professional responsibilities. It is likely that Emma wants to be your virtual girlfriend. Benita is a Spanish girl who wears long sleeves even in hot weather. Obviously, she lesbian dating sim app hiding something or is very shy about her body.

Benita is the first to contact you. Soon you understand the reason for this. And now you are afraid that Benita will be possessed by you. This behavior is related to her past. Does it scare you? Or do you want to have an obsessed virtual girlfriend? Lillian is a French girl who wears a huge scarf to hide the fact that she has small breasts. She believes that college is the best place and time to experiment. So Lillian can be the perfect virtual girlfriend for you.

Irina is a Russian woman who amazes you with her beauty. There are enough things in her past that she is not proud of.

Lesbian dating sim app

But she clearly misses those times. This is probably the main reason why she wants to be your virtual girlfriend.

Lesbian dating sim app

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Lesbian dating sim app

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