Healslut game

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After failing to find a place in a decent end-game guild with your shadow-stalking dagger-wielding elf, you start to worry about the future of your job. Of course, because this is a work-in-progress, there may be some fairly serious glitches Upon taking up the opportunity to the brand-spanking-new expansion to the super-popular MMORPG Healslut game Order Online as a beta-tester, you find yourself locked into the very odd and apparently exclusive?

Just how will you handle the power This update contains content addition for the 'free-use' route that Sparkle can agree to while serving as 'loot puppy' and therefore will only appeal to those interested in those paths and activities. But worry not, the next big update will include more comprehensive content for the various dominant and submissive paths! Notice: This is a ' hopefully fun little sidequest' update and does not contain any sexytimes. If you're in it solely for the spank, you may want to wait for the next one to play through! The game is a clickfest with a protaganist that is very unlikeable, and hinting at them being autistic feels like a disservice to actual autistic people.

Healslut game

This healslut game obviously isn't for me but there's still been a lot of effort put into it, and I commend the author for that. Very nice renders too. I've played a lot of Let me explain why. First of all, the graphics. The game has very good graphics which allow you to be in the game.

Not like other games, which are not bad at all, but uses pictures or just text. Here, the game is much more like a visual novel, and I found this more immersive. Second point: sexuality is there, but not all the time. It's not just porn for porn.

Healslut game

You can choose to have sex or not with some characters, and you can almost try to be with a healslut game of characters. Moreover, if you want to have sex with them, it's not the central point of the story, it's just part of the story and le you to build some special relations with some characters. Third: the story is amazing I told you it will be hard not to use this word ;! Very well written, with a very big content, even in story terms than in atmosphere, feelings, etc.

AND, all the characters have very deep personality, story and interactions are enhancing the immersive feeling. The only fault I can see is there are not so much points in the walkthrough where you can make big decisions. The story seems to be a bit linear, but as it's my first run on this game, I'll try other options to see if it falls away from my first shoot.

Or compliment because its a masterpiece. This is the latter. This game is absolutely amazing. And honestly one of the few games that i think cant add content fast enough. It is an amazing read for most of the time it has many paths to go through to find what ever suits you best. It has good jokes and story, and the sex scenes are amazingly hot and well writen. Absolute Master piece! Because the dev gave a kinda poor translation- - Mine does contain very minor spoilering so if you dont want that avoid reading this below- You play a male or female that is a game tester.

But your also a very akward definitly Authistic nerd. It is send to your house and you quickly notice some issues, With you causing to be locked in to 1 class Healslut. Which seems a weird class compaired to all the other available options. Eventually you give in since you have to play the game for the job, Quickkly in the game you notice that the game has its mysteries and doesnt seem what its sepose to be.

But yeah your an authist with no social skills in the body of a beautyful lady that is very easily arroused and her abilites are all sex based Which gives some interesting interactions! Oh, this one is quite strange experience. I played two runs, first one "naturally" and the second one trying to healslut game out all the sex scenes I had missed. First off, I love the starting concept so much. Being stuck in VR as the titular class character and slowly embracing that fact, it's brilliant starting point.

It's a little shame there's not much actual "healslutting" in the game - I get that Sparkle probably isn't the best in it, but still, it feels kind of weird that there's more investigation-style storylines than anything about, well, healing your team and making hard decisions about it.

The reason why I said I found the game rather strange? I actually enjoyed much more the playthrough that didn't include tons of sex scenes. Yeah, kinda weird for a game on this site, I know. My first playthrough had only like And it didn't even feel like I was actively avoiding sex scenes - quite the contrary, it's almost like you have to act like a wanton slut to unlock most of those scenes. And since the main character doesn't want to act healslut game a wanton slut, I never felt persuaded into many of the sex scenes.

Not that I mind - I actually enjoyed that kind of playthrough immensely, because the writing is so damn good. Characters are interesting, dialogue is witty and fun, and I swear the story was even rather healslut game at many places. I can't overstate how fun this game is - I could read hundred of s of discussions between Sparkle and her goblin. Everyone in this universe is ridiculous, dumb or healslut game and I love it. In fact, many sex paths felt even a bit I liked the concept very much, and there was very good content around it, but in the end it felt Like, even if your party tells you that you're worthless and they are mean and everything, you can still conduct investigations, persuade them to do stuff, be actually worthy member of the team I get it that it's partially the point, but it just felt off that the difference was so big between the scenes Oh, I don't usually like 3d renders that much - they tend to feel somehow soulless compared to 2d drawings - but your models are truly glorious and full eye candy.

SO yeah, I recommend this game! I enjoyed it a lot - but from completely different reasons than I expected to like it. This game is amazing and one of the few in which I actually check every update. The only thing I want from this game is more, and it seems to happen consistently.

I look forward to the finished product- but with so much content and so many loose ends to tie I appreciate the amount of work and writing going into it, and there's no need to rush, I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Home Community Forum Chat. Quick Search:. Game Information. MF Sub Dom. Discuss this Game. Version: 0. Synopsis Plot Walkthrough Changelog Jack in, jack off!

Healslut 0. Check the options menu to change the narrative from second person to third person!

Healslut game

Now "Sparkle" is doing all this naughty stuff instead of "you"! Want to try the different body variations? Check the options menu again to change to another variation at any time! This does not work properly before the variations are available within the story and may cause bugs! Meet Fwawr Argarg, a fellow human!

Healslut game

Requires choosing not to hard-reset and file a report at the start of the game. This is a one-off encounter for now but more is planned for Fwawr in coming updates. Can now offer the Tavernkeep some "relief" in exchange for the linens for Lel requires prior naughtiness of the same type with Rudedood.

Healslut game, of course, does not help Sparkle circumvent the mushroom quest. Gross weirdo. Panki's "accent" has been reined in a bit for readability. Getting 'slimed' in the mushroom quest now has consequences still in work!

Get a language lesson from Lel everybody loves language lessons Finally get off the damn ship - welcome to Port Town! Meet some constables and maybe get your face sat on if you have Assured Absolution and then meet the mayor Decide how to deal with unpaid docking fees The return of Along with new revelations and mysteries Meet three new weirdos Version 0. Version 0. The bitgag not showing up in the looter outfit is a known bug. I'm still working on it.

Healslut game

Sorry : So many code and image changes! You can opt to skip to Act 13 when you start a new healslut game. You will have to make a few choices but then you can carry on from there instead of a complete restart! Lots of new tracking variables added for fixes and future branches hence why old stuff is broken All outfits now available for all bodies and variations First part of 'free use' collar dinner Champ takes round two IMPORTANT: right now all the dinner free-use sexytimes healslut game will show the "All Dressed Up" collar but this will be corrected soon!

A parlay with slavers Meeting Jane in-game Choosing from 4 collar outfits on free-use route Version 0. Ends early for now, this is currently what I'm working on Another way to the early ends in 0,4G Meetup with Pirate Lel or another Lel Consequences to blaming Roopah teased Can how offer Wejit relief after the investigation Anyone notice the new stuff sprinkled in early in the game?

Two possible endings to your story Option of non-chubby Fairy Sparkle in menu with new dialog Free-use training as waitstaff is now finally done Free-use 'attitude' allows more acceptance instead of reluctance of the role ongoing! More optional relief for the good Sir Wejit only if not investigating for now, will also fit in with 'investigating' route with upcoming patch Leigh now explains he won't be the looter if he res group Investigating a murder mystery ends just before questioning, working on it!

Go fishing with a hopefully fun minigame! Some graphics updated will anyone notice? You will probably need to load a save before going into the corner. Sorry again. Sexytimes with Roopah requires sexytimes with her An introduction to a murder mystery Can now switch body types on the fly in the main menu so you can try out scenes in different bods.

May cause weird issues if you do it mid-scene, so I suggest doing it before a new scene starts i.

Healslut game

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Healslut game

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Healslut game

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